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Here at O’Brien interiors, we are firm believers in utilising the best resources and techniques in your construction project. Based in Oxfordshire, we specialise in the use of traditional lime render and plasters, suitable for a wide array of projects, large and small. With almost all older buildings originally constructed using lime, this reliable and versatile component has proved itself time and time again to be hardy, reliable, and more importantly, environmentally conscious.

Traditional Lime Render sample

In a society in which the demand for housing is ever increasing, the use of cement and other modern materials has become commonplace, largely because they speed up the building process and require minimal preparation.  The downside of relying on these resources is a clear compromise on the quality and integrity of your build, undoubtedly resulting in problems further down the line.

Whilst materials such as cement and gypsum became popular from the mid-19th century, lime-based products benefit from an illustrious and successful history. As the traditional building material of choice, buildings constructed using lime are designed to last, evidence of which can be seen in cathedrals, stately homes and other older properties. Whilst working with lime products takes more patience and time than modern alternatives, lime is much more malleable, ultimately resulting in a more desirable and attractive finish.  Furthermore, cement based buildings inevitably see damp complications at some point down the line, due to moisture becoming trapped during the building process. Conversely, lime-based construction allows for moisture to evaporate, therefore reducing the likelihood of damp problems developing in the first instance.

The benefits of working with lime are certainly numerous, and here at O’Brien Interiors we invest heavily in training our expert team in order to provide our clients with a high quality and durable end result. We specialise in providing both internal and external rendering services suitable for older and newer builds, with an emphasis on securing our materials from renewable sources.

Regardless of the scope of your project, if you are interested in exploring the use of lime-based materials, why not get in touch for a chat with a member of our specialist team, for further guidance and suggestions. 

Neil Etheridge
Simon Morray-Jones Architects Ltd. Bath
Just a quick note to thank you and your team for all your efforts on this highly successful project. It is heartening to work with craftsmen who really care and strive to provide the best product for the client. Your thorough knowledge of lime plaster techniques was illuminating and your advice and suggestions were very much appreciated. I sincerely hope we are able to work with you again in the future.