Our services

Whether you are planning a small retouch of your home, or perhaps a whole new restructure of your office space, O’Brien Interiors are proud to offer an extensive variety of specialist services to all our clients. Our many years of experience within the construction industry, coupled with an innovative and unique approach to each project, we offer a high quality, professional finish for each and every one of our services. Our highly trained and knowledgeable team utilise their traditional craftsmanship to deliver a superior service in line with our client’s demands. This professionalism, flexibility, and a guarantee that we will finish your project within the agreed deadline, makes for an effortless transition from your project proposal, to a finished job, that both client and contractor are proud of.

Services range from traditional Lime Rendering to Decorative Moulding, as well as specialist Ceiling expertise; with each job finished to the highest specification. A ’DIY’ approach to property maintenance and development can be stressful, especially if the correct tools and specialist knowledge is not to hand. O’Brien Interiors can take the stress element out of your construction projects, whilst working consistently with you, as a client to deliver the end result you envisage. Please take a look below for a full listing and description of all services offered.

Alex White
R P Adams Interiors Ltd
Holland Park-Private Residence - As main contractor to our clients we worked alongside O'Brien Interiors to carry out a large scale exterior restoration. O'Brien Interiors were charged with the task to remove over 200 square meters of sand and cement render and reapply a lime based render finish which they had along with the design team matched to the original specification and design. I would not hesitate to recommend O'Brien Interiors for any lime plastering works as a client or to other main contractors as the team ethic and attention to client satisfaction runs through the core of the company from top to bottom.