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Decorative Moulding

There are many different decorative mouldings styles available, so understandably, this finishing technique is a popular choice for many projects. The very technique and skills needed in order to carry out this service mean that  to O'Brien Interiors - Decorative Moulding Serviceachieve the desired result, it is important to make sure you find an experienced and precise contractor. O’ Brien Interiors, utilise their many years of experience within the trade to deliver a unique and versatile approach to both commercial and bespoke decorative moulding.  You may be looking to update your home, or perhaps you have a specialist project that requires attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship; whatever the scale and nature of your project, O’Brien Interiors will be able to work with you closely so that you get the result you hoped for.

O’Brien interiors are able to offer the installation of both basis plasterboard coving types and more specialist plaster caste decorative mouldings.

In addition on occasions when alterations are being carried to listed buildings repairs and additional runs of existing coving profiles may be required which are no longer commercially available, we are on occasions able to offer a bespoke production service to manufacture short runs of coving using traditional methods by one of our skilled operatives experience in work of this nature.


Alex White
R P Adams Interiors Ltd
Holland Park-Private Residence - As main contractor to our clients we worked alongside O'Brien Interiors to carry out a large scale exterior restoration. O'Brien Interiors were charged with the task to remove over 200 square meters of sand and cement render and reapply a lime based render finish which they had along with the design team matched to the original specification and design. I would not hesitate to recommend O'Brien Interiors for any lime plastering works as a client or to other main contractors as the team ethic and attention to client satisfaction runs through the core of the company from top to bottom.