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Dry Lining

Dry lining describes the use of sheet plasterboard or similar materials fixed either mechanically using drywall screws or using a propriety wallboard adhesive to suitable wall surfaces. Essentially, dry lining involves fixing plasterboard to a prepared background which would normally be timber or lightweight metal framework. The face of the plasterboard can be either skimmed or taped and jointed and decorated using propriety paints.O'Brien Interiors - Dry Lining Service

There is a considerable range of specialist boards available in addition to the familiar wallboard ranging from moisture resistant board to impact and sound resistant to thermal products for use in upgrading external wall locations.

  Dry lining is used extensively in domestic and commercial projects as it enables the early completion of internal works as the drying time is reduced with this type of construction.

Dry lining can therefore be more cost effective than other options in overall time saved. O’Brien Interiors offer an already established, efficient dry lining service across the Home Counties. 

Alex White
R P Adams Interiors Ltd
Holland Park-Private Residence - As main contractor to our clients we worked alongside O'Brien Interiors to carry out a large scale exterior restoration. O'Brien Interiors were charged with the task to remove over 200 square meters of sand and cement render and reapply a lime based render finish which they had along with the design team matched to the original specification and design. I would not hesitate to recommend O'Brien Interiors for any lime plastering works as a client or to other main contractors as the team ethic and attention to client satisfaction runs through the core of the company from top to bottom.