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O’Brien interiors have a long association with providing a plastering commencing originally as Midland Plastering hence are a well regarded and established traditional gypsum plastering contractor. We have operated an in house apprenticeship scheme since being established to ensure that our improvers are fully trained alongside a skilled operative.

We are able to offer a full range of plastering services from plaster skim finish to 2 coat gypsum plaster finishes. More specialist type plasters can also be provided which may be required for there moisture resistant or more durable to impact damage in more demanding locations.Plastering services by O'Brien Interiors

In addition to Gypsum based plaster we can also provide sand and cement renders to both internal and external locations including garden walls. W e are also experienced in the addition of Ashlar features and cutting should this be a requirement.

work If you are looking for a traditional plastering approach then it is vital that your contractor is fully qualified and experienced in order to provide you with the best finish.

Traditional plastering is overall more durable than alternative finishes in that it is more resistant to general wear and tear. There is also the added advantage that this method of finishing surfaces results in little mess and minimal dust and there is no sanding required.

With a wealth of experience and a versatile, client focused approach, O’Brien Interiors are the superior choice for both domestic and commercial plastering needs



Alex White
R P Adams Interiors Ltd
Holland Park-Private Residence - As main contractor to our clients we worked alongside O'Brien Interiors to carry out a large scale exterior restoration. O'Brien Interiors were charged with the task to remove over 200 square meters of sand and cement render and reapply a lime based render finish which they had along with the design team matched to the original specification and design. I would not hesitate to recommend O'Brien Interiors for any lime plastering works as a client or to other main contractors as the team ethic and attention to client satisfaction runs through the core of the company from top to bottom.